2022 Roster

Meet Our Athletes

The Big Effort Swim is a BIG challenge. We want to support and empower our athletes to dream big, swim hard, and make a big impact! Athlete Profiles is our way to share the journeys and efforts of our 2022 roster coming to Christina Lake August 20, 2022. You think you’re up for it? Join our fantastic community today! Register now, e-mail us, or join our newsletter!

Your 2022 Roster

36,000m Marathon Swim

18,000m 1/2 Marathon Swim

4,000m Ultra Swim

750m Super Swim

Event Recap

Short Course

Super Swim 750m

In our shortest course open water event, swimmers will complete three symmetrical lengths of 250m with the final leg parallel to shore. This is a great option for youth, new swimmers, or those looking for their first open water challenge.

Ultra Swim 4,000m

The ultra swim is our middle distance event for experienced swimmers looking for a challenging and fun course that keeps them close to shores. Swimmers will complete 7 lengths while navigating technical aspects of sighting and orienteering.

Long Course

Half Marathon Swim 18,000m

The first of our ultra endurance swim distances, our 18km Half Marathon Swim will take swimmers across Christina Lake in a single effort. This swim is intended for experienced and elite swimmers looking for a big open water and endurance challenge with the support of kayakers, crew, and safety personnel.

** Restricted to 10 participants **

Marathon Swim 36,000m

Our 36km Marathon Swim is the longest course available in Canada and is intended for experienced and elite swimmers with open water practice. This swim is not for the feint of heart and will test the endurance of its athletes. Swimmers will complete two lengths of Christina Lake with the support of kayakers, crew, and safety personnel. 

** Restricted to 10 participants **