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We've Partnered with Pledge It for our pledge and fundraising tools.

Please be aware - this platform is in USD. We apologize for the inconvenience.
We convert our prices to CAD-USD parity. This will impact donations also so please kindly inform your friends and family.

How to create your account ... in pictures.

1. Register with your email

This is important, it’s the email we’ll send your invoice and athlete updates to.

2. Create your account

This will be your pledge and fundraising page login!

3. Choose your event

In this step you will register for our swim event by choosing a distance.

4. Order Checkout

All proceeds go to our charities. You’ll have a chance to let us know which you’d like to support.

5. Setup your pledge goal

Most importantly, set up your goals and pledges portal for the distance you will be swimming!

6. Customize your page

Create a page for other athletes, friends, and families to visit for pledges and swim updates.

7. Add a profile photo

Show us your face – we’re all working together to make a big impact! Join the team!

8. You're on the team!

You can also update the header and add a bio to your own profile page.

9. You're Ready

Time to share your pledge profile page, get social, and start swimming for your Big Effort day!

You're All Set!

Here’s an example of one of our Pledge Pledges

If you need any support, please email for the quickest response.

Disclosure: Pledge It is a non-profit organization, all proceeds and pledges through the portal are processed with no fees. Only payment transactions through they payments gateway are processed, and all collections are sent to The Big Effort Foundation non-profit account which are then distributed to our charities and organizations.

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